Threat Intelligence Report: Mobile Malware As A Service

By CyberInt


Long gone are the simple days of malware threats only being associated with the computers on our desks or at our business offices. Today, we’ve all become accustomed to malware infiltrating our homes and pockets across a variety of platforms, be that our telephones, tablets, smart TV or even ‘connected’ devices such as our fridges. Whilst malware can be tailored for different platforms and differ in their abilities or functionality, the overall taxonomy remains very much the same. Back in the ‘halcyon’ days many malware authors released their wares for fun, ‘lulz’ in modern parlance, today most are criminally motivated and driven by financial gain, ideology, revenge and nation state doctrine. The objective of these attacks, and the compromised devices or networks, are typically similar and result in the threat actor gaining access, leading to the theft of confidential and personal information, or disrupting the operations and functionality.

Topic Map