Services Cyber Intrusion Casebook 2018

By CrowdStrike


In 2018, our global Services team focused resources, intelligence and technology to detect and disrupt future attacks. We’ve analyzed the massive amounts of security data collected from every engagement this year and we’ve gained new insights into what challenges organizations face and how they can better prepare for the next wave of threats. This casebook presents some of the findings and recommendations we’ve made in key engagements across a representative sample of the work we performed last year. We dig into: Emerging and notable trends Examples of ill-prepared organizations and the devastating effects of the breaches they suffered Essential recommendations to prevent companies from becoming another statistic of poor security planning and execution This casebook also underscores the expertise of our team and the important work we’re doing at CrowdStrike® Services. As you read the case studies, you will see that CrowdStrike stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients as we work together to stop adversaries and repair damage. But this casebook is not just for CrowdStrike clients — we want everyone to become better prepared to overcome their adversaries in 2019.

Topic Map