Missing Critical Patches: A Cybersecurity Epidemic

By Frost & Sullivan, Tanium


From the report, “IT security leaders know their companies’ endpoints, PCs, and servers are continuously targeted by hackers. They also agree following best practices in endpoint security hygiene is instrumental in reducing cyber incidents. However, our 2017 survey of IT security leaders points to a situation where most are concerned about their actual practices in endpoint security hygiene. Fortunately, most also acknowledge they need to improve. When it comes to identifying their top priorities, IT security leaders are clear: they want to reduce the frequency and severity of data breaches; streamline regulatory compliance; and maintain business continuity. When it comes to identifying and executing upon the security hygiene best practices required to deliver on these priorities, things begin to get murky. Our 2017 survey of IT security leaders reveals a situation in which most respondents express concern about their security hygiene practices and waning confidence in the ability of existing tools to help them improve. Read on for more about what we learned, plus five recommended action items you can take today to address these issues.”

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