Will EU Regulation Aid Cyber Criminals?

By Sixgill


From the report, “During the last few months, global corporations have been extremely busy with implementing the needed changes in order to be compliant with the upcoming GDPR regulation. While this happens, cyber-threat actors are preparing themselves for the possible consequences, without a clear picture of whether GDPR will hurt them or benefit them. According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) any company that handles European Union consumer personal data is obligated to take tangible steps to ensure the information’s security. This means the EU sees any organization that uses EU citizens’ data of any kind, responsible to protect it, whether the organization is headquartered inside EU territory or not. It will, of course, affect the way global corporations handle consumer data encryption, but in even more basic terms, it will affect what kind of information is permitted to be stored and passed along to other users.”

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