Why Machine Learning is More Likely to Cure Cancer Than to Stop Malware

By Nyotron


From the report, “Machine Learning (ML) is based around the idea machines can learn from data. ML techniques have been around for a very long time. In recent years, their use has exploded thanks to advancements in elastic cloud computing and big data. Now, ML is commonly used in fields as diverse as medical research, fraud detection, smart cars, online search and electronic commerce personalization and recommendations, to name just a few. ML has recently become the shiny new object for security and is the foundational pillar of products such as next-generation antivirus (NGAV) and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA). While most of these products have promised to be a “silver bullet” against malware, complete protection remains illusive. In fact, for a number of reasons, ML is more likely to detect and cure cancer than to stop all of today’s advanced threats. As far-fetched as this may sound, a detailed look at the distinctions between cancer detection and malware detection quickly demonstrate why this statement is true. Let’s have a look at why ML will only get you so far and what you can do about it. ” Read on to find out more.

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