Critical Watch Report: The State Of Threat Detection 2018

By Alert Logic


From the report, “With its customer base of over 4,000 organizations, Alert Logic has first-hand insight into the state of threat detection and response. Drawing from more than a billion security anomalies, millions of security events, and over a quarter million verified security incidents from April 2017 to June 2018, our research has identified five key insights that every business leader, IT leader, and IT practitioner should be aware of: 1. The initial phases of the cyber killchain are merging to accelerate targeted attacks 2. Industry and size are no longer reliable predictors of threat risk 3. Attack automation and “spray and pray” techniques are aiming at everything with an IP address 4. Cryptojacking is now rampant 5. Web applications remain the primary point of initial attack” Read on to find out more.

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