Prioritization To Prediction: Volume 3: Winning the Remediation Race

By Cyentia Institute, Kenna Security


From the report, “The Prioritization to Prediction series is an ongoing research initiative between Kenna Security and the Cyentia Institute. The first volume proposed a model for predicting which of the numerous hardware and software vulnerabilities published each month were most likely to be exploited, and thus deserving of priority remediation. The second volume sought to apply and test that theoretical model using empirical data collected on billions of observed vulnerabilities. We ended the last report by analyzing vulnerability remediation timeframes across a sample of 12 firms. This third volume picks up where we left off and expands the analysis to roughly 300 organizations of different types and sizes. We leverage a technique called survival analysis to draw out important lessons about remediation velocity and capacity, concepts we explore and define during the course of this report. Overall, our goal is to understand what it means to survive—nay thrive—in the race of vulnerability remediation.” Read on to find out more.

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