The State of IT Operations and Cybersecurity Operations

By Dark Reading


The 2019 Dark Reading State of IT Operations and Security Operations survey uncovered some important developments in the way enterprises are managing security in the data center – and in the boardroom. Here are some key takeaways: • 57% of respondents said IT and security staff communicate well, up from 47% last year. • 20% of organizations involve the security team at the start of every major IT project. • 69% of respondents say that the security team holds primary responsibility for compliance and privacy; this figure rose significantly – more than 12% – from our 2018 survey. • 90% of organizations expect the security team to take charge of developing and setting security policy. • 80% said the IT operations team is primarily responsible for patch management. • 20% of organizations have a distinct security department that operates separately from the IT team. • 18% of organizations have a fully-staffed security function. • 37% said the security operations team is most likely to be the first to detect and alert others about security incidents in the organization.

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