2020 User Risk Report: Exploring Vulnerability and Behavior in a People-Centric Threat Landscape

By Proofpoint


This survey of 3500 people (conducted by a 3rd party survey research company) examines attitudes and knowledge of various security concepts. The survey is mainly focused on the Western World, the US, Western Europe, and Australia, with Japan being the only Asian country included.

The survey asked users to identify various cybersecurity terms, though, they don’t seem to give breakouts by terms, only by country. An “I don’t know” option was included to help separate wrong answers from general ignorance.

Other questions were asked

  • Do you password protect your network? (49%)
  • Do you use a biometric lock on your smartphone? (42%)
  • Do you back up your files? (90%)

Password habits and VPN habits are discussed, with some promising (55% use a manager or different password for sites), but likely misunderstood results.

Respondents also report using work devices for personal use, and letting friends and family use the same devices for personal use, in particular checking personal email.

An examination of survey respondents age indicates that Boomer’s are the best at identifying various security terms.

The report concludes with a few takeaways, that are overall generic “Commit to building a culture of security”, etc. These are not necessarily related to the survey, but aren’t bad advice overall.

Topic Map