The Business of Disinformation: A Taxonomy

By Digital Shadows


Since the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the term “fake news” has integrated itself frmly into our daily vernacular. However, fake news is used very broadly to describe: disinformation, propaganda, hoaxes, satire and parody, inaccuracies in journalism, and partisanship. Disinformation campaigns are not limited to the geopolitical realm – its use is far more pervasive. The sheer availability of tools means that barriers to entry are lower than ever. This extends beyond geopolitical to fnancial interests that affect businesses and consumers. This paper presents an overview of these different motivations and tools actors can turn to. In Digital Shadows’ Disinformation Campaign Taxonomy, we lay out the stages used in disinformation campaigns. In doing so, it is possible to develop ways to potentially disrupt these efforts and create greater friction for actors involved.

Topic Map