Online Consumer Behavior: Optimizing the Journey for Today's Multi-Tasking Shopper

By Namogoo


From the report, “Technology has dramatically changed the online experience for consumers — and along with this their expectations. Be it for business or pleasure, digital platforms continue reshaping the way consumers interact and engage with each other, as well as with online brands. This new reality has made capturing consumer business and loyalty a bigger challenge than ever for eCommerce brands. With mobile usage higher than ever, today’s shoppers are constantly juggling their eCommerce experience with other activities. To better understand the state of contemporary consumers, we asked more than 1,300 online shoppers about their shopping habits, what online and offline distractions are competing for their attention, and what factors most influence them to embrace — or abandon — their online shopping experience. As a technology company with the mission of preserving a distraction-free online customer journey, we hope these insights help eCommerce businesses identify how to better optimize their customers’ online experience.” Read on to find out more.

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