The Forter/MRC Fraud Attack Index

By Forrester, MRC


From the report, “The report also looks at the trends in the usage by fraudsters of specific methods or directions of attack (e.g. location manipulation, account takeover, etc.). This is to provide insight into the various techniques commonly employed by today’s savvy fraudster. The increased sophistication of the online criminal underworld, where a huge and connected marketplace exists to provide numerous services that make theft easier (and where stolen data can be found easily and cheaply following the massive data breaches of the last few years), means that fraudsters have direct access to the tools and information they need to commit online fraud. This has lowered the barrier to entry for new fraudsters to enter, and enabled experienced fraudsters to increase the scale, sophistication and speed of their attacks. This report is designed to reflect the current patterns in that scene and help merchants to understand further and prepare for the attacks they are seeing or are likely to face.” Read on to find out more.

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