A Trident of Change in Europe: Understanding DSM, PSD2 & GDPR

By Kount, The Chargeback Company


From the report, “The Digital Single Market, Revised Payment Services Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation are all complex and occasionally bewildering pieces of legislation, which aim to transform the European online market and improve services by promoting innovation. However, as they are yet to be fully implemented, organisations are understandably concerned about what they will look like in practice as opposed to on paper. Will global merchants from outside the region still be able to compete in Europe or will the new regulations be used as a form of protectionism? Will they fight fraud and chargebacks or unwittingly contribute to them? And how will Brexit – the unstable factor in the immediate future of the EU – impact all of this? As merchants and others wait in anticipation for the final stages of these three policy initiatives to take shape, The Chargeback Company is joined by contributors from ACI Worldwide and Kount to analyse the likely implications and opportunities for doing business in Europe from 2018.”

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